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This site has been online for ten years now in various shapes and forms. The goal of this web portal is to bring together the many online resources and links and information to one central place. The work of CNA’s is important and valuable. We believe the more informed CNA’s are, the better quality work they will produce. This site is for nursing assistants and those who care about our work/practice. We have a web audience that includes aides, nurses, doctors, DON’s, Administrators, families and advocates for the elderly. This site does not get involved with politics and endorsements. We except no paid advertising from anyone, any group, any party.

My name is Patti and I manage this site, with my friends/co-workers Kim and Heather. We are practicing LNA’s- Licensed Nursing Assistants. We reside in New Hampshire and work in a rehab setting. Our work histories include nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, hospices, drug/alcohol rehab centers among several other medical facilities. We have been doing this work since the late 1980′s.
This website is a BLOG. Blogs are different from regular web sites in that they can be updated frequently and easily. I chose this format because I wanted to be able to share the latest news and articles, sometimes several times a day, without having to fumble with an entire page template.
This site has several unique features.

1) Posts– the actual materials you read. Posts are what you see when you first load up the site. Each post has a title, a date when published. For every post, readers have the ability to leave instant feedback about the post, it’s content, or whatever, via a COMMENT section. Sometimes we moderate comments, though. There is an awful lot of spam that gets left as comments, so be patient if your comment doesn’t show up right way.

2) Finding Content: There are many ways to do this. Use the SEARCH box located in the sidebar under the CATEGORIES heading. Type in key words and see what comes up. The CATEGORIES section itself is full of all our content- posts and articles. People can browse the categories to see what’s there. Another way to find things is to go through the ARCHIVES…again, located in the sidebar. We keep archives for each month.

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